…Frosh is no novice. He served many years as a senator from Montgomery County and as chairman of the Judicial Proceedings Committee, which oversaw passage of many of the laws he is defending now, rounding out his first term as attorney general and running for reelection. Frosh’s Republican opponent is Craig Wolf, an attorney from Howard County. Herewith is a sampler of the legal actions Frosh has taken against Trump or in defense of Maryland:

Perhaps the most significant of Frosh’s legal actions is the case alleging Trump’s violation of the Constitution’s anti-emoluments clause, which he filed jointly with District of Columbia Attorney General Karl A. Racine.

In a signal legal victory for Frosh, Trump’s Justice Department has repeatedly tried to block the lawsuit, but Federal District Judge Peter J. Messitte, in a 52-page opinion, has allowed the legal challenge to go forward.

The case is important in that it alleges that Trump is benefiting personally from doing business with foreign governments and it eventually may require Trump to turn over his tax returns, which he has refused to do. It would be the first public look at whether Trump’s bank account matches his boasts and if his business interests, which he refuses to place in a blind trust, are entangled with foreign interests – as his son Donald Jr. has suggested.

Frosh has joined the attorneys general of 17 other states to fight allowing the Trump administration from including a question on citizenship in the 2020 Census form. The question supposedly originated with Trump’s secretary of Commerce, Wilbur Ross, but it contains the sympathetic vibrations of Trump himself on racial minorities and immigration.

The 18 AGs represent states with heavy minority populations. Full Census headcounts are vital to states and localities. They are the basis for many federal formulas by which the allocation of funds are determined. An undercount can cost millions, and if non-citizens are tossed out the penalties against Democratic states could be punishing.

Frosh and 18 other Democratic AGs are suing Trump’s Department of Education for abandoning Obama-era regulations of for-profit colleges. It is noteworthy that Trump himself once ran a for-profit real estate school. Trump University, which he promoted as a “road to riches,” and was sued by former students as a shambolic operation. Trump was forced to pay a $25 million settlement.

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