As Attorney General, Brian fights every day to protect consumers and the environment and to make our communities safer.

Brian’s office has recovered hundreds of millions of dollars for Marylanders from predatory lenders, Wall Street banks, tobacco companies and polluters. Including a $33.5 million settlement with Volkswagen in their emissions scandal, $12 million from a settlement with Moody’s over allegations the ratings company misled consumers and investors about its independence, and $10 million from EpiPen maker Mylan in Medicaid fraud settlement.

Brian has indicted and put behind bars dangerous criminals: violent gang members, drug traffickers, human traffickers, pill mill operators and corrupt prison employees, including a man doubling as a high-ranking gang member inside Maryland corrections facilities, overseeing violent crime and drug dealing.

As a State Senator, Brian sponsored the Maryland Firearm Act of 2013 legislation that prohibits the sale of assault weapons, requires complete background checks and fingerprints for handgun purchasers, limits gun magazine capacity to 10 bullets, and gave State Police the authority to audit the inventory and sales of gun stores.

As Attorney General, Brian successfully defended that law in Federal Court, and have joined a national coalition of attorneys general to defend the rights of each state to pass and implement their own common-sense gun safety laws and to halt the distribution of blueprints for 3-D printed plastic guns.

Brian was the first Attorney General in the nation to issue guidance prohibiting discriminatory profiling by law enforcement. He made it clear that race, ethnicity, national origin, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, and religion cannot be factors in routine police activity

His office also did a survey of the laws of each state in the nation relating to marriage equality. The study showed that animus against the LGBT community drove state policy across the country and was cited by the Supreme Court in its Obergefell decision.

Throughout his career, Brian has protected the Chesapeake Bay and fought for clean air and clean water.

As Attorney General, Brian is suing to force Trump’s EPA to implement the Obama Administration environmental regulations that reduce greenhouse gas emissions, protect police,  firefighters, EMTs and neighbors from chemical accidents, protect infants,  toddlers and pregnant women from the toxic pesticide chlorpyrifos, and establish the Clean Power Program.

He has opposed efforts to allow for off-shore oil drilling, filed a lawsuit against Exxon Mobile and more than 50 other oil companies to recover damages and address contamination of Maryland’s water supply, enforced clean air-quality protections, and defended the Clean Power Act that regulates harmful emissions from power plants.

He has sued the Trump administration for undermining the Affordable Care Act, violating civil rights, undermining protections for clean air and clean water, failing to protect students from predatory, for-profit schools, and for violating the Emoluments Clauses of the Constitution, among other Trump policies that hurt Marylanders.